Photo Lamination

G9 Graphics photo lamination services in Indore, is the best way to add some appeal to your personal photographs and images that keeps memory of your life timeline. Even you can laminate graphic designs to serve extra durability and safety.

It is most crucial to protect your hard earned memories (photographs) from the devastating properties like day-to-day atmospheric pollutants such as ozone, hydrocarbons, smoke and harmful U.V. rays. Indore based printing press G9 Graphics uses ‘Cold Pressure Sensitive Laminates’ technique so that your hard earned artworks are protected from unnecessary heat.
Photographic laminating materials or papers are available with a variety of quality, surfaces and manufacturers and so it’s a daunting task to opt any quality for your preference.

G9 Photo Lamination For Different Surfaces

Be it crystal, glossy, velvet or luster surfaces, G9 will serve the best lamination service in Indore. Whatever the print surface may be, our laminate surface suits any kind of surface. Let’s have a look at different laminate surfaces:

Glossy Laminates

As suggested by the name, these laminates are lustrous in nature or have a high sheen. They usually reflect ambient light to the observer. This is sometime very distracting when the print is placed against a brilliant source of light, for example a photo print facing the windows directly.
Thus unnecessary reflections may conceal the image to become clearly visible beneath the lamination.

If you place your image above the window or source of ambient lights, then glossy laminates may be the feasible option for you.

Luster Laminates

Luster laminate comes with soft surface that diminishes the hazards of unnecessary reflections. They represent even less contrast over the lustrous material avoiding the visual snap at its best. Conversely some image like portraits and detailed scenes can be benefited from the properties of matt surface with lower sheen. They have less glossiness and thus don’t cause any fingerprints or dust-surface.

Velvet Laminates

These are the laminates with least reflective surface. With pebbly texture and soft appearance, these laminates don’t give disturbing view with ambient lights. Even in critical circumstances, where the window/brightest source of light faces towards the photo/prints, these laminates gives the ideal outcomes. Scratches are not likely (or less likely) to visible with Velvet surface.

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